Autonomní jednotky pro chytrý dům
Autonomous unit easily solves smart functionality in your house.

Autonomous units Sator easily and without programming solves smart house functionality like:

  • LIGHTING central control
  • Comfortable SHADING control
  • Zone HEATING control
  • Smart functionality for common life like LEAVING and SLEEPING functions 
  • Control over INTERNET


Autonomní řízení chytrého domu

 Autonomous units operates independently. Amount of inputs and funtions can be extended with following modules:

  • DIOM16S - For extending lighting or shading.
  • DIROM8S - For extending lighting. Relays are integrated in module.
  • TDOM16S - For exteding regulated heating zones.

Autonomous unit can be conected to control system as well asa other Sator modules. It's autonomous function can be kept or swithed off. It also can be set to automatic activation in case of master control system failure.