• We will train you on the basics of using Sator products for free.
  • We will realize training for you according to your requirements in following areas:
    • Control systems design
    • Control systems implementation
    • Control system integration with subsystems like HVAC, ESS, fire protection systems, entrance systems, communication systems, irrigations systems and so on.

Our trainings are in Czech language, but we can prepare English version on your request. You can order training on Sales contact. You can find approximate prices of trainings in service price list.


In case of issues, questions or requests on the installation and use of our equipment, you can use our helpdesk. Helpdesk operator will find a solution for you question, issue or request. Or he will find suitable competent person and forward your question, issue or request. Our engineers will adwise you of theirs experience to solve non-standard situation when installing or operating the system. Alternatively we can offer you our services that solve your issue or request.

Sator Product Service and Replacement

In case of failure of Sator product during warranty and post-warranty period we will send you replacement first. You can replace it in installation and than return corrupted or damaged product, that will be processed by warranty procedure. For details about procedure contact our Support, please.

Service Action at the Installation Site

To help you with installation issues also in place of your installation we will schedule service action for you. Also we are able to help you in urgent situations. Contact our helpdesk, please. You can find approximate prices of service action in our service price list. Service action in foreign countries will be assessed individually.  

Software and Configuration Accessories

To support using of our products we provides control systems additional software and configurations. These accessories will help you to configure, startup test and manage your system. You can find these accessories here (TODO).