PWM12S - 12 Pulse Width Regulated Outputs PWM12ES

Sator modul s PWM výstupy
Brand: Sator


Sator S
DIN 6 modules
DC 24V
12V - 23mA, 24V - 14mA
106 x 90 x 58 mm

Module with 12 pulse width regulated power outputs. Suitable especially for LED lights regulation. Outputs are able to work with load up to 5A (60W for 12V and 120W for 24V). Outputs can be used with custom voltage 5-30V. Another voltage can be used for each output. Module is designed for Crestron Intersystem communication in R232 based chain of modules. All input and outputs are galvanically isolated. Module is fully functional immediately after connection to system. No configuration required.