Sator are product series of electronic and software components for control systems. Products are especially focused on control systems in the field of smart houses and buildings. Specifically for application like following:

  • Light Control
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition Control
  • Gates, Windows, Doors and Blinds Control
  • Entrance and Security Systems Integration
  • Audio/Video and Media Control

Products are developed in close collaboration with the installation teams that work with them and test them in large as well as small applications. Emphasis is placed on reliability and effective work while installation and system operation.

Actualy we offer product series Sator S. These product series are developed for easy integration with Crestron system. All modules from these product series can be simply connected using serial port to Crestron controllers. Communication is based on Intersystem bus. Modules are ready to use without any configuration. The major advantage and reason to use product series Sator S is friendly prices associated with quality and realiable hardware and firmware.

If you are interested in more information about products or distribution possibilities, use sales contact please. You can use this contact also to tell us about any experience or requests for new features.

Coming soon

We are working on integration of our products with other controllers.

If you are interested in some of integration including those, that are not mentioned above, please contact us on sales contact.